Thursday, April 20, 2017

Future Speculation

How do you see your life in 10 years?
            In ten years I could be dead. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about and I very much hope it won’t happen, but who knows? Perhaps they’re having my funeral. I would like to think that’d I’d have some sort of nutty funeral. Hopefully everyone would be wearing tasteless attire. It would be funny if the funeral homes refuse to hold my funeral. I think that would be the number one criteria if I drafted some sort of last will or testament. The funeral party would have to have been refused by about three homes before I was satisfied. Not that I could be if I was dead, I suppose. Finally, I’d want the funeral party to be kicked out of the last home within the first 30 minutes of the funeral, be it four raucous behavior or blatant disrespect of the facilities. That’s up to whoever cares enough about me to hold the funeral.

How do you see life in 50 years?
            If I had died I’d probably be rotting away in a hole somewhere, but let’s imagine that I was resurrected miraculously. I’d probably be experimented on if I was resurrected. What if I held some sort of life party, like an anti-funeral? If we ever start resurrecting people that better be a thing. This one could be tasteful. I may make different life choices with a new life. Or not, who knows? I don’t.

How do you see life in 100 Years?

            I’d quite like to make it to the year 2100, just to say I’d lived in three centuries. I’m not sure I’d enjoy being old unless I was extremely healthy. Old people wander around and complain. I do that now but it’s from a perspective of cynicism and irony because my life isn’t really bad. It’s just to entertain myself, but I’d hate to have to take it seriously.

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